Life is messy, and I am not perfect.

Getting Organized:
In your home and homeschool


Dear Friends,

If you have been a mother for more than a day, you realize that motherhood is unpredictable. I am not perfect. I make mistakes a lot. Many of my daily articles are written based of my real life experiences. I want to help you and encourage you.

When you were growing up, you had ideas of what you thought your life would be like. I know I had ideas that are vastly different than how my life actually is, and I am happy with my life and my choices to get married, have a large family, and homeschool.
When I was young, I wanted to get married, have two children, and a career. Then I had my first child, and those thoughts and dreams were replaced by better dreams.

With the addition of children, my life’s course changed. No longer could I clean the house once a week and it stay that way. No longer could I do laundry just *once* a week. The bathrooms needed more than a once a month cleaning. Sweeping and mopping became more important as I had babies who learned to crawl. Life changed for the better. I learned a lot along the way.

Household routines did not come naturally to me. Small children bring lots of little interruptions. But I hung in there. I kept practicing my routines.

When my children got older, they also brought new challenges and thought processes for me. All of my children are really good children, but they made mistakes. I made mistakes. It was not perfect or pretty sometimes, but in it all, we had love.

There are days now when I sit at the computer working longer than I anticipated. There are days when I have to jut set the timer and do a quick clean up. There are days when dinner is a quick affair, and there are days when we spend time cooking and taking longer to eat our evening meal.

This year we have learned the skill of writing a family letter to another family member. It has been interesting to read the tid-bits of our days that the boys share in these letters. It has grown us as a family. But it came about because of a messy situation. I am continually learning that ALL things work together for good.

Sometimes when I sit down to write this daily note to you, I struggle with what to say. Today I decided to share a little more deeply because at heart I am like all of you. I still need reminders daily. I need encouragement. THAT is why I continue to write to you. You NEED ENCOURAGEMENT, too!

Your Zone Mission today is to fling stuff from the fridge that you don’t need.

Your Home Blessing for today is to wipe your windows and mirrors.

My menu plan for Wednesday is pasta and a salad.

Have a great day!




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Tami Fox is a homeschool mom of 6, who in age from 26 to 11. She and her husband have homeschooled for 17 years and have graduated three of their children from their homeschool. They are currently homeschooling 3 boys who are in grades 11, 9, and 6. They use hands-on learning and unit studies to ignite the fire of learning in their children. Tami is a homeschool author and conference speaker. You can contact her by email at Buy her book, Giving Your Children Wings at


Life is messy, and I am not perfect. — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for your encouragement!! Isn’t it amazing there was ever a time when any of us could do laundry once a week? Now it’s five days a week, two loads each day or I’m sunk! :) But it’s all because I have these wonderful people to care for (and help my fold). :)

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