Saturday fun with the family

Enjoyed a great day with my family picnicing, fishing, walking, and eating. Gotta love the smells when you cook breakfast over an open fire.

My greatest joys in life are my husband, children, and my mom. Had a wonderful time away from the house, the computer, and cell phones.


Friday Encouragement for Families

It’s the start of the week-end, and it is July. What do you have planned as a family? How about a picnic or hiking a trail? Too hot to do much? Why not have water balloon and water gun wars in your yard?

There are lots of low-cost ways to spend time as a family. Pick something and do it!

Just look at the pure joy on the face of my youngest as he blasts me with his water gun!

Have a great week-end!

Some encouragement

It’s been a while since I blogged regularly. You know how life gets in the way of best-laid plans. I am starting a series of graphical posts, and I want to put them on my blog. Then I can pin them easily on my Pinterest boards.

I also have some reviews to write up this summer for the various books we used in our homeschool last year.

Hopefully, you will be seeing more of me and my graphics!

Blessings! Tami