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Getting Organized:
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Dear Friends,
How did you do with the Zone Missions this week? I want to see your progress. Many of you have been sending me pictures of your bed after you make it in the mornings. I am also enjoying your Before and After pictures when you are decluttering! It encourages me.

Send me a picture of your Living Room, Front Porch, Entryway, or Dining Room to

Since we were in two Zones this week, you had to be efficient in your decluttering and detail cleaning. You can get a lot done in 15 minutes of focused decluttering, and from the pictures you are sending me, I am seeing a difference in your homes.

Read this from one of my readers:

Thank you. Repetition. I’ve listened and listened to you, Marla and read all my emails from FlyLady, read your blogs and the key to this system is Baby Steps and take breaks. I can’t stress that enough to those wanting to be successful.
I used to work like a crazy lady and consequently burn out.
The small steps to decluttering do work when you are consistent with them. I am currently balancing a lot of projects, and I am managing them a small step at a time. I still find time to take care of myself daily, too.

The routines work. Establishing them does take a little effort, but you will get to the point that the routines are automatic. You will do them without really thinking about it. You will surprise yourself at times with getting through your routines and not remembering doing them.

You are developing muscle memory in a way. My body knows that I load the dishwasher, shine the sink, and wipe the counters. It’s like 1-2-3 and done.

It’s the same with my early morning routine. I am not thinking about it too much as I make the bed, eat breakfast, and get dressed. 1-2-3.

Then, I exercise, and when I come home I shower, get dressed again, and swish and swipe my bathroom. 1-2-3.

When I go back to the kitchen, I get the boys started on school, start laundry, and turn on the dishwasher. 1-2-3.

I will check the menu plan and lay out items from the freezer for dinner and do my morning motivation video. Then, I do school with the boys. 1-2-3.

Each part of my routine has a next thing that I do automatically. Sometimes I am interrupted. Sometimes we have to leave for an appointment, but I always know where I am with my routines.
Send me some pictures of your progress OR the hopes for your progress next week!

How did your week go?

Don’t forget to send me a picture of the area your Master Bedroom!
Email me at or

Today’s Zone Mission is to declutter anywhere in Zone 1 or Zone 5.

Your Home Blessing for today is to empty the trash, sweep, and mop.

My menu plan for Friday is take out.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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