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Do you let your children play and create with art materials regularly? I have talked to many homeschool moms who tend to let this part of learning slip by day after day.

The reasons for not allowing your children to have creative play varies, but in most cases it boils down to you not wanting them to make a mess, and you having to clean it up.

Creative play for children has big benefits, and you can teach them to clean up behind themselves. In our homeschool, we don’t have arts and crafts daily, but it does happen at least weekly.

Children will grow academically when they are also exposed to the fine arts. Regular exposure to music and many art mediums uses a different side of the brain from the math and science side.

Creating and drawing is relaxing. It allows the brain to absorb information. It helps children work through emotional times, too. The year both of my in laws passed away, we did a lot of art and talking. It helped them process their grief.

Even before I started homeschooling, I made time to have messy art time with my children. It is something they enjoyed, and it is something I enjoyed with them. I grew up in a home where we did not make messes, and I wanted to let my children learn through art. That meant they would make messes, but I also committed to cleaning them up afterwards.

My daughter is very artistic. Her ideal school day was to create and do art all day long. She blossomed and learned many things through her artistic pursuits.

If you are resisting arts and crafts just because of the mess, please reconsider and make it something that is a part of your weekly routine.

Today’s Zone Mission is to declutter in your closet for 15 minutes.

Your Home Blessing for today is to dust and vacuum.

My menu plan for Tuesday is ham and cheese sandwiches.

Have a blessed day!
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