Breaking Down Decluttering

Getting Organized:
In Your Home and Homeschool

Many of you reading this live in clutter, and you like to deal with it in a long day or two. Then you don’t want to declutter again for months or years.
Some of you have children who do not like to let go of things well past the time of letting them go. You say they have emotional attachments to their toys. Yet their rooms are so full, they cannot walk in them easily.
You and your children have too much stuff, and you say you don’t have time to declutter or clean. You tell yourself that it is going to take you too long, and you have too many things to do.
Today, I want you to take a deep breath. You can declutter a little at a time. Use your timer and choose a time of day that you are home on a daily basis.You can be successful at decluttering!
I don’t want you to add decluttering to your morning or afternoon routine, if you are out of the house regularly during that time. Decluttering will fall off your list pretty quickly if you have to leave for an appointment more than once a week. If you are home in the evening most consistently, I want to you put decluttering for 15 minutes in that routine.
When you are decluttering an area, I don’t want you to get distracted and chase rabbits. I want you to focus for this short amount of time.
Last week, I wanted to assist the boys in decluttering in their bedroom since Zone 1 looked good in my house. We have several home improvement projects on the calendar, and I needed some areas freed up for storage. Together, we decluttered for 15 minutes a day.
We went through their closet, clothes, and bookshelves. We worked until the timer went off, and then we moved onto the next thing in our routine. Some days, we spent 15 minutes in there in the morning, 15 minutes in the afternoon, and 15 minutes in the evening. We were able to get through their whole room in this manner.
If your child’s room is too full, you need to assist them in boxing up most of it. Use boxes that you can label and store. This way you are not forcing them to get rid of items, but you will be able to put the boxes away. You can control how much stuff they have in their bedrooms. You can help them rotate toys.
You children will find peace in a room with less stuff in it. They will be able to better maintain it. They will be able to pick things up daily.
Where do you struggle the most with decluttering?
Your Zone Mission today is to declutter and wipe your kitchen counters.
Your Home Blessing for today is to wash sheets.
My menu plan for Monday is breakfast for dinner: pancakes, sausage, bacon, and eggs.
Have a great day!


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Breaking Down Decluttering — 2 Comments

  1. We have been decluttering a room at a time and still are not done and after reading your post and seeing your poster I know I have missed places and need to start back at the first room and reexamine what we did as I am sure there is even more we could get rid of. So I would like to thank you for helping me get back on track. Have a beautiful day.

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